Day 24 – Simon carrys our Savior’s cross

Mat 27:32-34 (NKJV) 24

Now as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name. Him they compelled to bear His cross. 33 And when they had come to a place called Golgotha, that is to say, Place of a Skull, 34 they gave Him sour wine mingled with gall to drink. But when He had tasted it, He would not drink.

“Hey you! Ya, you over there! Help this guy carry the cross!” Did Simon know who he was about to help? Did he think Jesus was just another common criminal on His way to receive punishment for the evil deeds He committed and now he had to help this dude? Did he know who Jesus really was? Had he even heard of Him? And if he did, did he really know who Jesus was…the Messiah…the Holy One…the One sent by God to save mankind from their own sin? I’m convinced, that if He didn’t know Jesus was the Christ, by the end of his journey, he was surely won over. I mean, how could you not! Really! You are carrying the heavy load meant for the King of kings, how could he not have sensed God’s presence. Jesus’ Journey to the Cross became extremely heavy and this dude helped lift some of that burden off of Him. This is what Living in Victory is all about…lifting heavy burdens off of others. Simon was honored with such a privilege. If this was the only thing he did of mention in his life…what a mention. I mean, really, chosen to carry the cross of our Savior…wow! Sure brings new meaning to the verse that encourages us to “daily take up our cross and follow Him”.