End of Fast Interlude

I just ended a 21 day fast and now the cupboard and fridge are mine…mine I say. What shall I choose? If nothing satisfies the palate, off for a Big Mac, Papa burger or a sweet and juicy Donar I go. The world is my pantry and open for business. Or is it? Or better yet, should it be? I now have the freedom to shove anything I so choose into my big yap. I’m an adult and if I want to sit and eat an entire bag of Chessie’s or down 3 rows of Oreo’s…well, it’s my gut and just try to deny me. If I so choose, Big Gulps, Red Bulls, and Gatoraids, can once again become my friends. I’m an adult and I won’t be denied. Or should I be? Pizza, Fries, Sundaes and Blizzards…all mine…ah, ah, ah…

Yes, I’m having fun but I hope you get the point. Scripture states, “our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit”. It goes on to say, “We have been bought with a price, (a very, very, high price I might add) therefore, honor God with your bodies”. Friends, one of the side benefits of fasting is bringing your body into submission – we showed it who’s da boss. Let’s not…give our bodies back the control. You are in the drivers seat, not your appetite. You, like Paul stated, “beat your body to keep it in submission”. In other words, you continually remind it, who’s da boss. Our health is dependent upon it. No really. You are what you eat is not just another cute saying…it’s very true.

Declare this with me: Lord, help me learn to eat better. To make wise food choices. To put far away from me those bad habits I fell into. God, give me the strength and fortitude I need to move forward into victory over my appetite. Forgive me for not properly caring for your Holy Temple and help me see myself the way you see me. I am beautifully and wonderfully made…I am a work of art, your masterpiece and I will from this day onward, care for it as such.