God is Near

Deu 4:7 (ESV) For what great nation is there that has a god so near to it as the Lord our God is to us, whenever we call upon him?

Don’t you love that? What people has a God so near? The answer, we do? You and I as born again believers, along with the children of Israel have God so near. How near? In us – it doesn’t get nearer than that. The great God of Israel. The God who performed the miracles in Egypt is in us. The God who answered Elijah by fire is in us. The God who pushed back David’s enemies and defeat Israel’s foes is in every born again believer. And did you catch what else this verse says? He is near whenever we call upon Him. This tells me that we have to call upon God more and more. If we feel God is not near or doesn’t care or isn’t listening, maybe just maybe it’s because we haven’t called upon Him. I don’t mean, mouthing a prayer at meal times or giving Him a few minutes while you drive to work. I mean, putting aside time in your day to truly spend time with Him, to call upon Him. If we do, when we do, then we will begin to feel God nearer than ever before. Give it a whirl and experience for yourself what I’m saying. For once you’ve experienced Him afresh, you’ll boldly and proud shout…There is No god, Like Our God!