Genesis 1:1 (NKJV) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

I want to focus our attention to the first 4 words; “In the beginning God.” You want to know about the beginning of things? Well, it was God. Big Bang theory…God. The ever expanding universe…God. Gravity…God. Lunar pulls…God. The earth and all its wonder…God. Yes, in the beginning, before anything was there was God. Our finite mind can’t grasp it. In truth, our understanding really is not the issue here, God is the subject, not our understanding (this comes later through faith in Christ). There simply is No god, Like Our God because our God is the only God who was in the beginning. All other gods (notice my purposeful use of non-capitals) are really no gods cause there is no other god but Our God. There are man-made idols; gods to man, but no gods none-the-less. Hey, if you have trouble with this, well, I’m sorry, actually no I’m not. I make no apologies for believing in the ONE TRUE GOD. My prayer for you is that one day, even today, you would start believing. Pick up the Bible and starting reading the Book of John in the New Testament (closer to the end if you have a Bible with both the Old and New Testaments – better yet, go to the table of contents). Finish reading John then just carry on until the end and if you do, and your heart is open I guarantee you, you’ll discover something amazing about this ONE TRUE GOD  I’ve been talking about.