You Ain’t No Junk

2 Chronicles 2:5 (ESV) The house that I am to build will be great, for our God is greater than all gods.

This is the attitude each and every child of God should have…total confidence in our God. I used to say on the playground, “My dad is bigger than your dad”, well…in the playground of life…you and I as born-again believers in Jesus Christ can say that with the utmost confidence. And another thing from this verse…and it is so cool! You and I are now the “great” house, the house God Himself built. Solomon built God this truly awesome house, a house where His presence could dwell and now as New Testament believers, we are that house. An awesome house, a great house. Do you see yourself that way? Not based on the reflection you see in the mirror – at least not based on appearance, but based on your spiritual reflection. Well, we need to. If God Himself built you, you have to be convinced that “you ain’t no junk”. You are precious. In fact, scripture says elsewhere that you are His Masterpiece, His very handiwork. This then makes you and I a reflection to a lost world around us that “There is No god, Like Our God” and as Solomon said, “our God is greater than all gods”. Let’s then begin to see ourselves this way, not based on feelings, but on what God Himself said about us.