Long Absence – Blame the Finger

Sorry for the long absence, but 3 weeks ago, I sustained a major injury to my left middle finger. I am recovering nicely and now have to revert to two finger typing until the finger is completely healed. I’ll be back posting “I Declare” confessions starting tomorrow (It’s amazing how much a crushed finger hurts).

Here’s the story…I was weightlifting and dropped a 65lbs dumbbell on my left middle finger (felt like a dumbbell after). It was a freak accident and would be hard to repeat even if I tried. I realized the seriousness after I noticed the tip of my finger from the first digit upwards, on the floor. The healing process is a long haul, as they had to sew muscle to muscle (the skin was completely torn off). New skin has to form but after, it should look normal except being a half an inch shorter. (And no, I will not post a photo of the injury to FB, Twitter or ???)

Thanks for your prayers and I look forward to a new season of “I declare” moments.