Day 50 – McDavid…welcome…

Mark 12:35-36 (NLT)
Later, as Jesus was teaching the people in the Temple, he asked, “Why do the teachers of religious law claim that the Messiah is the son of David? 36 For David himself, speaking under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, said, ‘The Lord said to my Lord, Sit in the place of honor at my right hand until I humble your enemies beneath your feet.’

Okay…I couldn’t help myself. I had to find a verse that mentions, David and the Holy Spirit. See, for you Oilers fans out there, today is the first full day of McDavid being an Oiler…congrats Connor and all you Oilers fans out there. Now back to the Word…if David could speak under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit from within a covenant that was less superior to the New, how much more us. How much more should we not than speak under the Spirit’s inspiration. The Spirit of God has come upon you for such a time as this, to speak to all who will listen of the awesome grace of our Lord and for the Christian there is no greater Joy of a Spirit-Filled Life than speaking under such an unction.